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Roy Keane on Harry Maguire Boed

Harry Maguire

Manchester United⚽💯:

Roy Keane on Maguire boo’s: “I think Gareth [Southgate] has made it a bigger story than what it is. Every player gets booed. There’s going to be idiots at football matches. England fans have got a lot of idiots.” [ITV] “And if they’re going to boo Harry Maguire, I think Gareth [Southgate] could have easily said that it’s no big deal. He actually played well, just focus on that.” [ITV]

“Gareth [Southgate] is almost picking and choosing when to support his players. Raheem Sterling had a bust-up two or three years ago, he was bombed out of the squad. He’s left other players out.” [ITV]

Just get on with the game. He played well! And he’ll get fans back onside by his performances, not by people [like Southgate] reacting to a few boos or social media. Forget about it.” [ITV] #mufc

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