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The salary Ronaldo would have to accept for a RM return to be viable

Cristiano Ronaldo has not been able to do as well as he hoped at Juventus. Three seasons after arriving in Turin, the Portuguese’s departure is not impossible. The team’s latest elimination from the Champions League, the criticism aimed at the number ‘7’ and the need for Real Madrid to find a leader in attack have opened up the possibility of him returning. It is difficult, but it has not been ruled out. 

The question is: what must Cristiano Ronaldo do so that he can play for Real Madrid again at the age of 36? ‘AS‘ says that the most important factor, and even more so in the current pandemic, is to do with money. Real Madrid need the footballer to do his bit. 

Juve would not put up that much resistance if the Portuguese asked to leave. The Italian club know that getting a rid of a player with such a large salary would relieve the pressure on the club’s coffers and the La Liga side would be able to offer him his current salary in the Spanish capital. 

Cristiano Ronaldo’s salary is 31 million euros a year. Real Madrid cannot contemplate playing this much. If they decide to make an effort to buy him, Madrid would consider paying him 25 million euros, according to the cited source. 

Despite the pay cut, he would still be the best paid player in the team. Real Madrid, if they accept these condituions, would have to look for a new club for other players with important salaries. Gareth Bale would be set to leave if Cristiano Ronaldo returns. 


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