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Doctors amazed by CR7: “He can play until he is 40”

The data doesn’t lie, Ronaldo is the best poacher of the 21st century. Age is not a barrier for the Juventus star.

The doctor Ripoll, renowned medic in the world of football, gave his opinion about Ronaldo’s state of form. “His biological age is well below his current 36 years. I think he can play until he is 40″.

Ripoll thinks that Ronaldo has got better as the years have gone by. “He has made a very intelligent transformation of his physique, his way of playing and his movements over the years. In his early days, he was very much into muscle explosion, power and speed, and then he has moved towards a well-trained and well-organised physical model”.

His personality has helped him grow a lot as a professional, according to the doctor. “In Cristiano, I would highlight his desire to win. He is never satisfied and demands a lot of himself. Beyond genetics, the brain is the key to being a champion. That is the basis and then there is intelligence, the ability to understand reality, to know that your physical conditions are changing and to adapt, making the most of them”.

He also revealed why injuries have always been respectful to Cristiano: “He is very elastic. Also, as an anecdote, I treated a goalkeeper who, with the ball trapped, tried to stop Ronaldo with his hand, in a friendly way, and he dislocated his shoulder. That’s his power”, he said.

His former team-mate at United, Ricardo López, also sees him playing in the long term: “In terms of technique, physical strength, mentality… he can play until he sets his mind to it. He makes those next to him better. He has broken records… and those that remain. He has gone down in history. He’s a number one”.


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