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Rejected Bartomeu to still run in Barca’s elections.

Barcelona’s electoral race presented an unexpected turn of events. Josep María Bartomeu has changed his plans and, after resigning as President, he has decided to run again. He will be launching advertisements for his campaign, and one of them will be displayed near the home of Leo Messi, so that he can see it every day from his house.

In the midst of drama at Barcelona after the extensive interview with Messi on ‘La Sexta’, Another piece of news shakes the campaign for Camp Nou: Josep María Bartomeu will announce that he will run again for the presidency of the club. 

Barcelona fans protesting against the stay of Bartomeu as President using white handkerchief, 2020. (Source:

In an unexpected development, those close to the ex-president assured that Bartomeu has changed his mind and in the coming days he will communicate his decision. In addition, it will use the idea of Joan Laporta’s billboards and will throw his own up with a slogan that still is to determine, with some possibilities being “Back home by Christmas” or “In your house and mine”. 

Another point that promises to be controversial is that one of these billboards will reportedly be very close to Leo Messi’s home, which would mean that the captain of Barcelona could see it from the windows of his house every day. Perhaps this is a way of trying to win back the Argentine, with whom relations were very badly damaged, as he himself explained. 

Josep María Bartomeu resigned as president of Barca on 27 October after finding that the vote of no confidence against him was going to pass. Now, on 28 December, it is known that he will be running for his old job alongside Laporta, Vilaojana, Freixa and Víctor Font y cía. 


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