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“Barca have spent money criticising us, it’s an outrage”

Gerard Piqué spoke to ‘La Vanguardia’ in which he spared no one. The Barcelona centre-back didn’t bite his tongue when criticising Bartomeu and did not hesitate to speak out about the management of Leo Messi’s near departure from Camp Nou.

In the buildup to the anticipated match between Barcelona and Real Madrid, which will be played on Saturday 24th October at Camp Nou, Gerard Piqué offered some words to ‘La Vanguardia’ to review what’s happening with the team.

The Spanish centre-back was asked about his relationship with Barcelona president Josep Maria Bartomeu, to which he replied: “My relationship with the president can be cordial, but there are things that remain”.

Although he did not hesitate to add: “I see that my club has spent money, money that now they are asking from us, to criticise, not only external people with a historical relationship with the club, but also active players, and that is an outrage”.

Moreover, Piqué does not hesitate to point out Jaume Masferrer, advisor to the presidency and ideologist of ‘Barçagate’: “He is still working at the club and that is very painful.

Without mincing his words, the 33-year-old defender also shot against the club because of the management of the salary reduction: “The ways of the club have been very bad, we are in total disagreement. I have reached an agreement to renew because Barca have given me everything, so I have put myself at their disposal. They tell me that all the money I can give up this year will be collected in the future. We make numbers and I propose an amount”.

Continuing with his harsh criticism, he again attacked Bartomeu for the dismissal of Ernesto Valverde: “It did not seem coherent to me to fire the coach in the middle of the season being top of the table and having won the two previous seasons”.

And, as expected, he did not remain silent about Leo Messi’s controversial attempt to leave Camp Nou: “I asked Leo to hold on, Camp Nou must bear his name. Messi deserves it all. I didn’t have much contact with him those days, it was a very personal matter. I remember that I sent him a message saying: ‘It’s a year and then new people are coming’. A player who for 16 years has given you so much… You are obliged to reach an agreement with him. It can’t be that obvious that the two parties are so far apart”.


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