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Messi needs a breather

Leo Messi barely played a part in the match against Getafe and that was largely due to all the physical strain accumulated after his time with the Argentine national team. Is it time for him to rest?

When a player takes too much physical punishment, the chances of him playing a bad game increase. And that is precisely what happened to Messi at Alfonso Pérez Coliseum.

The ’10’, who was with Argentina in the international break, took a good beating when travelling from one end of the world to the other and played the full 90 minutes against Ecuador and Bolivia.

It was a lot of hardship for the Argentinian that wasn’t accounted for by Koeman, as ‘AS’ points out. The Dutch manager, in the prematch against Getafe, said that Leo was going to play four matches in only eleven days.

‘AS’ says that Messi was practically absent because he lacked energy, something quite worrisome considering we are at the beginning of the season.

We have barely passed 21 days of the season and the Argentinean has participated in all the encounters, as much with his country as with the Barca: six of six, which translates to 540 minutes.

Leo seems to need a break because there is still a long way to go. Is now the moment to rest the player?


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