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“Neymar is at an incredible moment in his career”

Marquinhos analysed the last few months of his teammate and concluded that he has been playing at a sensational level.

Although he has been involved in problems of all kinds, mainly against Olympique Marseille, Neymar has shown at the beginning of the 2020-21 season that he is still at a superb level.

His good timing has not gone unnoticed by his teammate Marquinhos, who has praised him in statements to ‘Sport’.

“I think Neymar is at an extraordinary moment in his career. He was a key player in reaching the Champions League final and in the first few days of Ligue 1 he was very good. He has managed to maintain that spectacular level he showed in Lisbon,” explained the Brazilian player.

Marquinhos acknowledged that he is happy to see his partner and friend enjoying himself on the pitch:It is important that he is happy, it makes me happy to see him like this”.


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