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Hushpuppi allegedly behind the £2 million SS Lazio scam

The list of Hushpuppi’s crime is growing as the FBI revealed that it was the fraudster and his gang who were responsible for a £2m scam of Italian Serie A team Lazio.

In 2018, it was reported that the Italian football club Lazio have reportedly been duped by online scammers and paid the final installment of defender Stefan de Vrij’s transfer fee to fraudsters rather than Dutch club Feyenoord.

According to Italian newspaper Il Tempo, the Serie A club were tricked into sending £1.75 million to the wrong bank account in Holland by hackers with knowledge of the deal.

The scam was executed through an email, when Lazio received purporting to be from Feyenoord, including bank details, asking for payment.

It would be recalled that the United States Department of Justice revealed the fraudster and his gang almost added premier league club into the list of their victims before they were caught.

They also revealed that in 2019 alone, United States banks and companies have lost $1.7b to Hushpuppi whose real name is Ramon Olorunwa Abbas.

The Former Dubai based social media celebrity who appeared for the first time in Chicago court on Friday he is facing a possible 20 years jail term.


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