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African Football Star who was reported Dead 4 years ago, Found Alive.

Hiannick Kamba alive in Germany 4 years after he was reported dead.

Congolese footballer Hiannick Kamba who was reported dead following a car crash in 2016 has been found alive and well in Germany according to latest reports from Daily Mail.

The 33-year-old was declared dead following a car crash in DR Congo four years ago and now his ex-wife is under investigation after she had claimed insurance. Kamba reportedly died on January 9, 2016, but German outlet Bild has claimed that the star is alive as he was reportedly seen in the city of Ruhr, Germany, this week where he works as a chemical technician at an energy supplier.

It was alleged that in 2018, Kamba himself approached the German embassy in Kinshasa to report the ‘fake news’ about his death.

He claimed he was abandoned by friends during a trip and was left with no money, documents, or a telephone. In the event of his disappearance, Kamba was pronounced dead in 2016 and his ex-wife claimed a low, six-figure amount on his life insurance.

The news of Kamba being alive will come as a shock to many who had mourned the star at that time. His former club VfB Huls issued an obituary in 2016 saying: “He represented the ideas and values of our club like few others. His demise will leave a big gap. “Hiannick is undoubtedly a bitter sporting loss for us, but primarily we will miss it as a fellow human being.” At the moment, Kamba lives in a house near Gelsenkirchen, awaiting a verdict for the ongoing investigation into fraud.

These are strange times people. Miracle or Mirage?? what do you guys think might have happened. While we await the outcome of the investigation, Please be safe out there.


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