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Williams Uchemba set to provide accommodation and education for sisters living in slum.

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December last year I came to this slum to give them food for the Christmas holiday and whilst I was distributing food I saw this young girls studying in-front of their house ( I mean the house you see in the picture above). I asked them some questions and I was amazed at how intelligent they are. I asked for their parents but they said they’ve gone out to look for their daily meal. They are not only living in an unhealthy, dangerous area with area boys all over the place but they live under a telco mask ( which can be very harmful to humans). Why should anyone live in such condition not to talk more of children? The reason I decided to post this picture is because they are not the only ones living in this condition, there are a lot of them even in your neighborhood and I’m encouraging you to reach out to the ones around you. But as for these ones, My Friend/Partner in the US, Dr Nancy, and I @williams_uchembafoundation have decided to move them out of this place ASAP. I have contacted a housing agent to look for a good apartment, so we can furnish it and move them in, and Dr Nancy has agreed to put them on scholarship in any school of their choice till they graduate from the University. For us to have a nation we desire Human capital and personal transformation has to come before Infrastructural development and national transformations. A nation is never built by one sector alone but a collective effort of not only several sectors but individuals, Captains of industries and Nation builders. #EachOneReachOne #thegivechallenge #stayhomestaysafe❤️

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Nigerian actor and comedian, Williams Uchemba, is not only loved by many because of the hilarious roles he plays on screen, but for his philanthropic nature and genuine concern for people who are in need of help. The celebrity has once again taken to his Instagram page to talk about the beneficiaries of his latest act of charity. Uchemba shared a photo showing two young girls in their home which looks very much like a shanty. The actor disclosed that he met them in December 2019 when he came to the slum where they reside for a Christmas food donation outreach, and he was drawn to them by their intelligence.

Uchemba noted that the area is a dangerous one for the young girls and they could be prone to all sort of malicious treatment from abusers. He also shared how the shanty where the girls live is directly under a telco mast. For this reason, he partnered with a friend abroad and took the decision to get the girls and their parents out of the slum. According to him, they are not the only families living in such terrible condition. He said there are several others who also share the same fate as the girls, and encourage people to reach out to offer assistance.

This is not the first time the actor has helped people living in terrible conditions. Some months ago, reported that Uchemba touched the hearts of people online, after sharing a story of how he came to the rescue of a crippled woman and her abandoned kids. The woman identified as Patricia lost the use of her two legs, after she was jilted by her husband, and left all alone to fend for their seven kids. However her story took a complete turn after the much loved comic act became aware of their predicament and decided to do something about it.


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