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Valencia, free of coronavirus

The ten players and members of Valencia’s coaching staff who tested positive for the coronavirus in the past have all undergone a second test and have all tested negative, according to newspaper ‘AS’. The club can therefore officially be declared free of coronavirus, but relapses or new cases remain possible.


Experts and football personalities alike have claimed that that the Champions League match between Atalanta and Valencia brought the coronavirus to Spanish football. The truth is that many members of the club were infected, but a second test has now confirmed they are all now free of the virus, according to ‘AS’.

The source also specifies the club has decided not to release the names of those affected, meaning the public does not know which players or coaching staff had it. 

The next few weeks will be key to checking that the club has been rid of the pathogen for the time being. The hope is that those who have tested negative will not relapse and that those who have not yet been affected will not contract the disease.

Valencia is one of the teams that are active against COVID-19. It has already jumped into the limelight by giving up several apartments so that the health workers can stay while they work treating those who are infected. There were about 50 houses that the entity shared.

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